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Sweaty Bands: The headband that trumps all headbands

September 5, 2015

I was introduced to Donna Browning, founder of Sweaty Bands, during the Corona Light Wide Open beach volleyball tour back in 2009. Meeting her was a delight… she radiates positive energy and she’s just one of those people who you want to be around! What Donna didn’t know at the time, is that her products literally increased the enjoyment factor on ever single workout. 

Increase your workout enjoyment

Let me explain… up until my first workout with a Sweaty Band, I had struggled with taming my mane while sweating. Have you ever been in the middle of an intense workout and had your hair completely in your face? So annoying. So distracting. When your hair is out of the way, it’s one less outside factor to worry about so you can focus on your workout and having fun! I’ve tried it all – expensive lululemon headbands, cheap drugstore headbands, even pre-wrap headbands. 

The Pre-Wrap Headband

During my college volleyball days, the only thing that would keep my hair out of my face and from distracting me during practice and games was a DIY pre-wrap headband. Pre-wrap is a thin, foam-like material used by trainers and physical therapists as a barrier between skin and athletic tape. Its slightly tacky feel allows it to double as a no-slip headband. Soccer player Alex Morgan has made these pretty glam but back at Santa Clara University, we often only had the flesh colored pre-wrap to use for our headband needs.


There are two major problems with pre-wrap headbands. 

1) You have to make a knot at the base of your head to secure the pre-wrap headband. This always results in a few strands getting stuck in the knot and when it’s time to remove said headband, these strands are removed from you head as well. If you want bangs in the back of your head, this is a good option. For the rest of us, no bueno! 

2) Pre-wrap color choices, although better than they used to, are limited. Forget about prints. You are stuck with team colors. 

Enter the magical, ultimate problem solving headband.. the Sweaty Band.

Why Sweaty Bands are awesome:

  1. Sweaty Bands DO NOT SLIP. Period. The inside of the headband is lined with velvet and the thin elastic band at the base allows for the perfect angle to keep slippage at bay. sweaty bands
  2. Style Points. Sweaty Bands have always been super cute, but in the last few years, they have really stepped up their design game. Check out their website and sort through their hundreds of options! 
  3. Awesome team behind the brand. Team Sweaty Bands has an awesome leader Donna Browning and if you take a look at their instagram, you can see that everyone who works at Sweaty Bands really lives the brand! From team boot camp to yoga sessions at the office, they get it. 

So now you know why they are awesome! Here are all the ways I use them..

  • Biking: I always wear a Sweaty Band under my helmet to keep things under control, especially when we bike past a cool brewery and want to stop for a beer! No helmet hair here! 


  • Yoga: Not sure what it is about yoga, but if I don’t have a Sweaty Band, I turn into a frizzy mess. My go-to hairstyle while yoga-ing is a french braid with a Sweaty Band. That way, I can lay on my back, go into headstand, and do whatever other crazy bendy poses without having hair distraction. 


  • Spin Class: Even though you don’t have to deal with the wind factor when taking the cycling indoor, the sweat factor is strong! Sweaty hair is always better when it’s contained under an attractive Sweaty Band.


  • Crossfit: I dabbled in Crossfit for awhile and let me tell you, burpies & jump roping play havic with your hair. And since most Crossfit workouts are timed, you don’t want to waste precious time by having to re-do your ponytail. My go to: high pony with Sweaty Band. 


  • Running: I usually wear a hat while running outside (stay sun safe, people!) but I always wear a Sweaty Band under my hair. Similar reasons as why I wear a Sweaty Band under my helmet when biking.


  • Skiing: Notice a theme here? I like to wear Sweaty Bands under other types of head devices. What comes after a long day on hill? Après-ski, that’s what! I used to carry a touque (Canadian for beanie) while skiing to be lunch or après-ski ready, however touques take up precious space in your jacket or pants but now I rock a Sweaty Band under my helmet. Problem solved! 
  • Work: I’m usually running from a workout or rushing off to a workout. My hair isn’t something I usually spend a ton of time on. When I put my hair in a low pony and throw a Sweaty Band on top, I hopefully look a little bit more put together than I actually am. 
  • Extra-curricular: For all those other times you just can’t be bothered with hair in your face and you want a cute head accessory! 



So you’re convinced! You have to try Sweaty Bands! Get your own Sweaty Band & save 15%