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Sprint Tri Packing List

May 6, 2015

Leading up to last weekend’s sprint triathlon, I had a few panic-infused, gear-related dreams where I forgot key items. These dreams were the worst part of the whole ordeal, way more mentally taxing than the training! I must have been especially concerned about forgetting my super rad goggles because  I knew they would give me the extra courage (via style points, obviously. ha.) that I would need to get through my first open water swim.

Alas, nothing was forgotten and things went smoothly. I did, however, rely on a packing checklist that I used while gathering my things the night before and also that I reviewed morning of for peace of mind. It really took the anxiety out of the whole packing experience and set me up for success day of. I was also super pumped that I packed essential items for post-race like a brush and body wipes so I could go from finish line to brunch & celebratory mimosas quite easily.  

Please let us know if I’m missing anything! CLICK HERE for a printable checklist.