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Jackson Hole

March 26, 2015

Megan and I finally crossed off a major item on our bucket list this winter. Jackson Hole!

A resort synonymous with deep snow, wildlife galore, and of course, Corbet’s Couloir.

While traveling to a new resort area is sure to always be a great time, it never hurts to have a few tips beforehand.

Here are my top five:

1. Get super pumped up to do Corbet’s Couloir! Watch every video, read every article, know every way to enter based on snow quality, get the left side of the tram so you can scope your line, and most importantly, don’t let it ruin your trip if it doesn’t open for the entire time you are there…


2. Depending on the snow situation, and your priorities, either stay at the base in Teton Village, stay in the town of Jackson (about 20-25 min on bus), or split your trip 50/50 between the two. We opted for the 50/50 route since we weren’t sure on conditions and didn’t want to be going back and forth everyday of our trip, but if it was puking (aka heavily snowing), I would have wanted to stay in Teton the entire time and get tram.

3. Check the concert schedule at the Pink Garter Theatre, in the town of Jackson, and be ok with staying up late! The concert venue is unreal, and although we didn’t get a chance to see a live act (we missed G.Love and Special Sauce by a day), we certainly enjoyed a beverage at the bar

4. Be in shape. Jackson Hole has a lot of vertical, and the riding is not easy. If you intend to go backcountry, or sidecountry, be prepared for fairly lengthy bootpacks and long ski-outs. Always know the terrain, bring your avalanche gear (know how to use your equipment), water and survival gear, and a partner when going out of bounds.!

5. San Diegans love their beer! And so do Jackson Holians (is this a thing?)! Snake River Brewery, in the town of Jackson, is a must for anyone who loves, or even likes, fresh craft beer. While you’re there, might as well get some wings! Insider tip: ask for the sauce on the side, as the beers are so good you wont want to put it down, and your wings may go soggy!

Enjoy your trip, take lots of photos, and let us know all about your trip.

It’s Never Last Run in Jackson Hole.