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Spotify’s Collaborative Playlists = Modern Mix Tapes

March 2, 2015


My youngest sister, Caitlyn, has amazing taste in music. It doesn’t hurt that one of her roommates works for iTunes and therefore knows about the latest and great music before anyone. Even though Caitlyn lives in San Francisco and I live in San Diego, we are still able to share and collaborate on playlists thanks to Spotify. Here’s the latest playlist that Caitlyn created and shared with me.  



 Meow Ya Later — Playlist 


Making a playlist collaborative is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. After creating a playlist on Spotify, right-click its title in the main sidebar, and then select Collaborative Playlist from the pop-up menu that appears.

    You know when your playlist has become collaborative when a little dot appears next to the music note on the left of the playlist name.

  2. Share the playlist.

    Remember that anyone who has the web address can edit the tracks within the playlist.

  3. If you feel the need to turn collaboration off and make the playlist all yours once more, right-click the playlist in the sidebar again.

    If the playlist is collaborative, a check appears next to Collaborative Playlist.

  4. Click Collaborative Playlist to uncheck that option and turn off the collaborative feature.

    The music note turns back to its original white.