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Lake Tahoe Ironman 70.3 – Why!?

March 24, 2015

When I started at the sports nutrition company, Designer Protein, in the fall of 2014, it was announced during one of the first team meetings that we would be having a company-wide, “Healthy Living Challenge” starting in January of 2015. The idea is that since we are a brand that creates clean & healthy protein solutions for people, we should be living that same lifestyle as a group. This was music to my ears! I think company culture and authentic are the keys to a thriving workplace. PLUS, the winner of the Healthy Living Challenge wins a trip to stay at the CEO’s oceanfront condo in Kona.

The challenge is set up so each individual participant can choose their own goal (weight loss, fitness, etc. etc). I started thinking about what I could do for the challenge. Change my eating habits? Become a certified indoor cycling instructor? Those are great challenges but since I already live a very active life and I really want to go to Kona, I needed to do something BIG.

I have been saying for years, ever since I started working at Oakley and was constantly surrounded by impressive cyclist, runners, and other seller athletes, that I’ve wanted to do a triathlon. There were always seemingly large barriers to entry such as 1) fear of swimming in ocean 2) the massive price tag road bikes and 3) repeat shoulder injuries from volleyball days. Why not take this Healthy Living Challenge opportunity to overcome these barriers and crush my goal! As an added incentive, I have a milestone birthday coming up this summer and I want to crush this huge goal as I exit the land of the easy breezy 20s. And because there is a challenge on the line, I couldn’t just sign up for any old triathlon.

So I started doing some research on races and the Lake Tahoe Ironman 70.3 caught my attention. Why? 1) Because I grew up in Northern California and spent a lot of time in the Tahoe area as a kid. 2) The race is scheduled for the end of September allowing plenty of time to train and 3) it’s one of the hardest 70.3 races due to the 4,000 foot climb on the bike + the 6,000 feet of altitude. Fun!

The best part in this whole thing is that Tyler said early on in the process that he would join! When I met Tyler, I never thought he would do a half ironman with me! There will be ups and downs and early morning and sore muscles but we are in it together.

All of the participants of the Healthy Living Challenge at work were asked to crate a board that highlights the various elements of their specific challenge. Check out my board below. It’s been a great experience for our workplace. People are making huge lifestyle changes! We all use the Swarm app to check in for workouts – it’s a great way to see what other people are doing. There’s been countless times when I’ve been in the kitchen at work and a co-worker comes up to me and asks me about my morning swim because they saw me check in at the pool on Swarm.

Tyler and I will be writing about the triathlon experience here on the blog. We will cover topics like training, gear, nutrition, and the effects all of it has on our relationship. It’s going to be a fun 6 months!