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Mega-Ty’s 1st Tri!

May 4, 2015

4 a.m. and the alarm rings. Why oh why are we doing this? 

Cold oatmeal “aka overnight oats”, a coffee, load the packs and bikes in the truck and we are off to the San Diego Sprint Triathlon and our first tri! IMG_3186

Megan and I are normally not early for anything. It’s not that we are late, we just tend to be exactly “on time” if that makes any sense. Today though, being early was key! Driving, parking, walking, setting up your transition area, using the washroom, using the washroom again, walking the transition zone, walking the swim start, snacking, putting on your wetsuit, going to the washroom again, putting your wetsuit back on, and then lining up; you’ll need all the time you can get. 


The transition and transition setup was one of my favorite parts of the race. I equate it to packing a big backpacking trip, where you lay out all your gear, take inventory, pack, un-pack, then pack all back up again. Any setup you place down, you are going to want to change! Your shoes can always be more open, your helmet always placed better, and your bike straighter! Just set it and forget it! 


Before I put on the wetsuit!

Head to the swim start area, and join in on the conversation of “when does my heat start?”, “what buoys do I swim around?”, and “what type of goggles are those?”.  


The swim to bike transition was more difficult than expected. Getting out of the water, unzipping the suit, and running in, your equilibrium is thrown off. After a short bit, things will come back together, but taking the time earlier to walk the transition area really helped finding the bike. I second guessed myself a few times even still.

The bike portion was great! Few bumps, but getting to pass, and being passed, is both energizing and humbling! 

The run… oh the run…! Running right off the bike feels like running through mud. Push through it and things get better, but right out of the gate, it’s rough! 


With the finish in sight, everything makes sense as to why people get addicted to this sport. 


 A big big congratulations to Megan for finishing 2nd in her age group! I couldn’t be more proud!


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  • Reply Vincent May 5, 2015 at 2:17 am

    Awesome guys! Have been keeping up through the Instagram feed. It’s great to see you enjoying it out there. Loved the bathroom part!

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