M E G A N 


Vancouver, Canada was the catalyst that led me to living a life full of outdoor adventure. Let me explain. I was always “active”. I played Division I volleyball at Santa Clara University and grew up skiing in Lake Tahoe. It was when I met Tyler, during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 that I really kicked my adventure spirit into high gear. Shortly after the closing ceremonies, I returned to British Columbia to visit Tyler and explore more. Tyler and I skied Whistler, hiked the famous Chief in Squamish, and ran around Stanley Park in Vancouver. I was hooked on fresh air and the freedom associated with it. For the two years that Tyler and I dated, I was in BC about 1-2 times a month and the adventures never stopped (Tyler is Canadian and lived in BC). When Tyler and I got married in 2012, we choose a winter wedding in Park City. Why? So we could ski, of course! After we wed, Tyler moved to San Diego and we started our lives as a married couple. In San Diego, we get in the ocean every chance we get but our true love is the mountains. Last summer, we went on three epic multi-day backpacking trips in the Eastern Sierra. In the winter, we use all our time off to travel to snowy destinations such as St. Anton Austria (2012 honeymoon and 2014 vacation), Jackson Hole, Utah, Colorado, Whistler, Tahoe & Mammoth. I sometimes like to do multiple sports in the same day and have completed two 70.3 Half Ironman distance triathlons and just finished my first full ironman in Whistler!  

T Y L E R 

Growing up in Montreal, Canada, you learn to appreciate the winter and the many months of below 0 °c that it brings. My passion for the outdoors started at 3 years of age, when I got my first set of ski boots. Since then, mountains and the overall outdoors have occupied the vast majority of my, and my wife Megan’s, free time. I am fortunate to have been given opportunities that allowed me to live and travel to some of the best areas for outdoor recreation: Whistler, Squamish, most of British Columbia and Alberta, Europe, and now to lay my head in Carlsbad, CA. 

N E V E R     L A S T     R U N 

When you’re skiing, it’s bad luck to announce your last run at the end of the day. When you know it’s the last run of the day, you just carry on as if it’s just another run and casually kick off your skis and head to apres. We have taken this philosophy and applied it to our lifestyle outside of skiing. We squeeze in every bit of adventure during our play time and when it’s time to go home, we always know that it’s never the last run. We will be back for more and more and more.

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